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Scents for the Home

This week as I captured different images - all the beautiful colors of fall - the transition to Winter¬† - I feel the need to not only absorb and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible but make my home warm and inviting (cozy) as we get ready to hibernate. Certain scents trigger memories associated… Continue reading Scents for the Home

Cozy Home, cozy; cozy home; home decorating;, Decorating, Fall Decorations, Home

Setting the Table

Now that Halloween is over, it is time to get my table ready for the Thanksgiving Season. I love decorating for the season. Warm colors, adding layers to the table, warm lighting and a great meal to go with everything. I like to set the table every Sunday for dinner. I like to make Sunday… Continue reading Setting the Table

Cozy Home, cozy; cozy home; home decorating;, Decorating, Fall Beauty, Fall Decorations, Home

Fall Crafts

I set out for a walk today it was sunny and 50 degrees when I left and half a mile later Winter hit out of nowhere dark clouds, windy and sleet/rain poured down on me! As I headed back to my daughters my thoughts drifted to all the beautiful leaves both on the ground and… Continue reading Fall Crafts



Fall The first day of fall is finally here. The crisp air, the pumpkin spice lattes EVERYONE talks about endlessly, bonfires, leaves changing colors. It is definitely my favorite season. Definitely the best season for fashion and for getting your house ready for colder weather.¬†So, I hope you enjoy your upcoming autumn months... Here are… Continue reading FALL IN THE COZY HOME