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Christmas Season in Chicago!

  I love the Christmas season. I think I love the anticipation of Christmas day more than the actual day. It is full of magic and hope. Sitting in church tonight, i thought how beautiful everything looks in candlelight. My kids have been writing their Christmas lists in anticipation of the big day. My son… Continue reading Christmas Season in Chicago!

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Tis the Season

The wonderful day of Thanksgiving is over,  where all we have to do is spend time with loved ones and eat!  Well at least if you are not the one hosting!  Now we move into the hectic holiday season and it starts with the decorating.  Living in Chicago we always look for a nice day… Continue reading Tis the Season

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This morning I woke up to the most beautiful snow. You know the snow I am talking about... the snow you see in commercials or in hallmark movies. Big fat snowflakes! And since it was Saturday, it was that much more beautiful. I didn't have to get up from an alarm, and could lay in… Continue reading Snow!!

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Mesmerizing Candle Light

  It has been said that the effects of candles can help to sooth our soul.  That the illumination of the candle light helps to reduce stress.  I don’t know how scientific this is but I know that when I turn off all my lights and light some candles I instantly feel more relaxed.  It… Continue reading Mesmerizing Candle Light

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Fall Cleansing

I have been in a cleansing mood lately.  I have been cleaning out the house.   Instead of spring cleaning I have been doing fall cleaning.  Trying to get the house ready for the  winter and the hibernation months. I have been concentrating a lot on a room that I have been making into a hobby… Continue reading Fall Cleansing