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A Special Dog

Hello I thought I would share with you guys that I started dog walking  for a lady in my building.

The job kind of fell in my lap one night and I thought sure why not give it a try!

I have seen the woman over the years and have had small talk with her and played with the dog – but over the last couple of weeks have gotten to know more about her and what a special bond she has with her dog!

Her dog works with a group of children who have suffered or are currently suffering some type of trauma in their lives.  It’s so great to meet people (and dogs) who are willing to volunteer their time for such a great cause.

Not only does he provide comfort and unconditional love to his owner – but he provides that service to all those children!!

My grandson has started to help me walk the dog and as you can see in the pictures they have very quickly formed a bond.  This is one special dog 🐕 that we are both happy to have met.

I feel lucky to have “fallen’ into this job – you just never know anyone’s story or for that matter “any dogs” story!

Can and Dog 2






matter “any dogs” story!

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