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Getting Ready for Summer

A few photos capturing the beautiful nights/days so far !
Night Lake 2

Where is the sun?  Snow?  Are you kidding me!!

I don’t know about you but I can tell you Chicago has been having the weirdest weather – one day it’s sunny and 79  – headed to the beach as did many other Chicagoans!!  Within a few days we had several inches of snow and sleet – and this past week was sunny/raining/chilly!!
It’s hard to know what to plan from day to day and how to keep up that spring/summer vibe!
This year I started learning how to do my own hair and nails via YouTube videos!!  A little bit scary (ok a lot scary) especially highlighting because that is using bleach!  The first time it took me over 2 hours from start to finish now it takes me 45 minutes.
Based on reviews I decided to try this kit and was so happy with the results! The below link gives some extra tips on how to highlight your hair at home with professional results!!
While getting beach ready…I am learning a few new things to do at home so when we pull out the sandals for good I will be ready!!

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