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The Tale of 2 Seasons

Yesterday in Chicago it was 55 degrees and sunny. I spent the morning running a 5k with just a light jacket and the entire afternoon working in my backyard to get it ready for the summer.  It was so nice to be outside after a long, cold, dreary winter.

Today I woke up to some icy rain which turned into a heavy snow storm.  It’s hard to believe the difference in weather in just 24 hours but I should be used to this as this is life in Chicago.  Looking ahead it will be in the 50’s tomorrow and maybe even 70 on Tuesday! Crazy Chicago weather.

Instead of working in the yard on the other half today I am in the house watching the snow accumulate and getting all the indoor housework done.  I know we just have to get through today and hopefully we will be into the nicer weather for good (who am I kidding this is Chicago – we may have one more storm to get through).  

After cleaning up the yard yesterday I started thinking about all the flowers and vegetables I want to plant.  I have a few bushes that are just not taking to the area they are in so I need to pull those up and plant a couple of new ones.  I am thinking about a lilac bush. I have been researching these and I am leaning towards a Bloomerang Dwarf Purple Lilac Bush. These bushes are smaller than regular lilac bushes and they re bloom through the summer and early fall.

This is what i do to get through the snowy cold day we have here. Plan for the spring and planting season:)  I think the lilac bush will be a great complement to my landscape. Now I will move onto the flowers I want to plant this year.  Lots of research to be done there. Once I have made some decisions and have some things planted I will share. In the meantime if you are in an area that has good weather today get out there and enjoy!  If you are in a winter mess like me here in Chicago -hunker down and start planning for nicer weather.


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