Opening Day!


Today is the day most Cub fans can’t wait for. Opening Day at Wrigley Field.

A new year of hopes and dreams to win another world series. This year they have a beautiful day. It is 68 degrees out, the sun is shining and Wrigleyville is jammed packed. People have been at the bars since 7 am!!

We haven’t had a great run of it so far this year, so today there are a lot of high expectations. Jon Lester is pitching and he is one of my favorites.

We grew up not far from Wrigley Field. Just a bus ride away. So our family (minus one brother who decided to become a Sox fan? What???) bleeds Cubbie Blue! I remember every winning and losing season as far back as the 84 Cubs. We have had our hearts broken year after year, until the magical year of 2016. Man, what a feeling that was. It was almost that of disbelief.

Well, every year since, we have been waiting for it to happen again. We have a really great team (well, our bullpen not so great). Not only are these guys great players, but what a great group of young players. I think this might be the year again. (I wouldn’t be a true Cub Fan if i didn’t believe that).






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