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Spring Has Sprung

It’s a cold, misty day here in Chicago and as much as I would like to lay around and be lazy I am doing a little spring cleaning.  I figure better to do it on a day like this then on the sunny breezy days that are hopefully ahead of us.

It’s always such a great feeling  on a Sunday evening to relax  and enjoy your house after doing a deep clean.  At this time of year, especially,   I like to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside so I bought some fresh flowers from the store this weekend.  Beautiful tulips!



I love the spring time and all the new flowers starting to bloom!   I spent time this weekend out in my yard looking at all the new budding flowers.  It brings so much hope to see new life starting again. Here are few pictures of the flowers starting to come up

Tulips Budding

Tulips Budding



Daffodils Budding

I am starting to research and decide what flowers and vegetables I want to plant this year.  I have a lot of perennials that come up each year but I also love to plant quite a few annuals.  Impatiens, Begonias, Petunias and Zinnias are a few that i do each year.  Always looking for some new ideas and colors to brighten up my garden. 

Here is a picture of some flowers in my yard from last year – helps get me excited for the summer!

Purple Cone Flowers

Last year I also started to plant vegetables.   This year I am going to start the year off early with my new mini greenhouse.  I am hoping to be able to set that up and start some herbs growing here in the next month:)

As I start wrapping up this Sunday and get ready to relax and enjoy the evening i think of my garden that is starting to come alive and the hope that spring brings for new life.  

Enjoy your Sunday evening and best wishes for a great week ahead!


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