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March 4th, 1924

March 4th, 1924. That is the day our father was born.  He would have been 95 years old today.

The month of March always brings up sweet memories of our parents. They were from Ireland and were Irish through and through. Our parents moved from Ireland to England to Canada and finally settled in Chicago. They were fearless.

March was their month. St. Patrick’s day was special to them, it reminded them of home. My mother was always baking irish soda bread with tea and my father would listen to the Irish Hour on the radio in the kitchen.

We come from a large family and have some wonderful memories together. But, almost all of them revolve around my mother and father. My mother had a way of making things seem cozy amidst the craziness of 7 children.

Her and I used to take the Cicero Avenue bus to the Sears store at Six Corners. We used to spend hours looking through the home decor section at everything we wanted to decorate our house with. After all the shopping, we would sit at the lunch counter there and have cream of chicken and rice soup and discuss the best part of our day.

They brought comfort and love to all of our lives.

To this day, making sure my home is a cozy and safe place for my kids is so important to me.  Coming home to my parents home everyday from school or work was always such a comforting feeling, especially on a cold March day.

We lost our parents back in the 90’s, my mother to brain cancer, my father to heart disease.  I believe we all work to make sure their memories are kept alive with all of our children and how we raise them.

So in honor of our fathers birthday, have yourself a nice tall beer tonight! Slainte!!

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