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Appreciating the Day

As I was heading to the train the other night I took moment to be still and admire the beautiful city I live in…

As Chicagoans we have a tendency to complain it’s too cold- it’s too hot – it’s too much fun in the summer!!  Lol

Chicago natives really know how to enjoy the 3 glorious months of summer – between the lakefront, the street festivals, the outside barbecues, the block parties, the Racetrack (too many things to mention) it seems as if the city comes alive and the residents do too!

We soak up every last drop of summer and pray we get an Indian Summer and a mild winter!  I have found that no matter how mild the winter may have been – it’s apparent on everyone’s face – We are tired of the cold, the snow, the dark days, the winter attire that you just can’t take putting on another day!  It’s a topic of conversation with family, friends, co-workers and strangers!

So on that cold winter night, while I rushed to the train, I was caught by surprise that I noticed the City’s beauty at all – we usually walk with  our heads down avoiding the below 0 wind chill – with our destination in mind and how quickly we can get there! I’m so glad I took that moment to love it right than and here-  capture the beauty – so I can remind myself during the difficult months of being a Chicagoan – to quit complaining – take in it’s beauty year round and realize spring is almost here!!


With all our complaining – Chicagoans actually love this city and it’s people!  

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