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Healing by Helping

As I walked my grandson to school today I listened to him talk about school, his classmates and the upcoming baseball season.  He had all types of questions for me, which I love, I love seeing his expression on his face and how he likes to debate me on my answers!  It had got me thinking about being young and how everything is new and as we age things become almost new again but in a more fearful way…

I am currently taking care of  a friends Mom who is 87 and has dementia.  I have known her since I was 5 and her daughter is my best friend..

As an outsider I can be a bit more detached and go into her new world with her.  Some days she has no idea who I am but is happy I am there…some days she thinks her and I are old friends and we reminisce about old times and have many laughs.

She is also very stubborn and will sometimes correct you on the smallest of things.

Each day is a rollercoaster of emotions from enjoying a cup of coffee and talking, to panic because she can’t find her change purse (she hides it).As we search,  I have to reassure her that no one took it,  while she keeps saying it’s so scary. By afternoon I try to get her to relax and watch the news or a movie. At this time she will start crying wanting to go home so I will distract her with stories or with a small task like folding clothes.

I will also diffuse different essential oils throughout the day. Everything from uplifting scents like lemon or orange and to calming scents like lavender or Amber.

It warms my heart that I have been able to give her comfort and friendship during this time!

I realized I am at my best when helping others during their most difficult see we can all get caught up in our personal struggles and allow them to consume us and what most people don’t realize is that while being of service to others you heal yourself!

I would like share the below motivational video that has helped me see that it’s not about how many times you get knocked down but how you comeback!



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