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Temps are Dropping

The polar vortex had come to Chicago.  We had lots of snow overnight and into the rush hour with lots of blowing snow and that is leading into some record setting lows (-13 for a high on Wednesday).   This is definitely time to get cozy in our homes! I have stocked up on the tea and candles with a list of tv shows to catch up on and always a few hobbies waiting to be worked on.  A great night to me is a warm cup of tea and nice blanket and a good book or movie.

It’s hard to get motivated to work out on days/weeks like these but i think an hour of shoveling today got my heart rate up enough that i am going to take a break from the treadmill tonight.   I’m thinking maybe some yoga and meditation before bed is about as much as I will be doing tonight.

It is definitely scary when you are looking for to the weekend cause we are going to have a warm up into the 30’s!!  So between now and then i plan on hunkering down for some hibernation time. I have the candles lit and the tea is brewing!  For all of you experience the cold winter days stay warm and get cozy!

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