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Benefits of HousePlants

I love to garden and the planting season in the spring.  I love when everything starts to bloom – What a wonderful time of year.  This year to continue my love of gardening i have added 2 houseplants to my decor.   

Growing up i watched my mom take care of her house plants.  She would take the time to move them outside for some sun and back in the house for the evening hours.  She loved her plants! What i didn’t know was all of the benefits of houseplants. I started reading up on them and was amazed at how a plant kept help reduce stress, aide in sleep and purify the air.   

Here is one of the articles i read about plants that can help with sleep.

I have chosen the peace lily for my house – it really is a beautiful plant.and low maintenance (which i love).  The peace lily is suppose to be a symbol of peace and hope. I know i can use both of those!

Peace Lily

I also have a succulent that i had in the yard over the summer and have brought in the house for the winter.  These plants are extremely easy to care for and can go back out into the yard when it gets warmer.

I think gardening is so fun and calming.  I received a mini greenhouse as a Christmas gift.  I can’t wait to get started on that. Right now my plan is to start that in end of March when the weather is starting to turn here in Chicago (hopefully)!  I am thinking i will start my herbs in there early and then move those outside in the warmer weather. Then move into some vegetables in the summer and still figuring out the fall.  I have been reading lots and lots of articles and books on greenhouse growing to learn as much as i can. I can’t wait to get started! Until then i will be educating myself as much as possible.

So if there are any greenhouse experts out there i would love to hear from you.

Until growing season starts i might have to buy another plant for my cozy back room to get me through till spring.  



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