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Spa Sunday

Hi guys!!  As you know I have begun the new year with a goal to eat better and exercise to achieve overall better health along with weight loss!

I was just thinking the other day I would also start to integrate what I am calling “Spa Sunday!!   Think of it as a reward for all the hard work you are putting into you – we need to not only take care of the inside but also the outside!!

It’s important to set up some time for self pamper ourselves.  It is a great way to nourish body, mind and spirit!

I am going to share with you what my “Spa Sundays” look like and some phenomenal products that smell and work amazing!!  

I cleanse twice and tone my skin. Then I apply this  enzyme Treatment by Lemieux (my favorite skincare line) this exfoliates the dead skin cells away to provide a smooth canvas to allow your skin to absorb the hydration and nourishment provided by the following steps.  

Enzyme Treatment

I than apply the Moisture x10 mask by Lemieux which is packed with hyaluronic acid the top ingredient to add moisture to our skin!

I will finish up with my moisturizer and Eye and lip cream from Lemieux!

I than start the exfoliation process on the rest of my body.  This article from Forbes has some of the best DIY body scrub recipes!!

I than will soak in the tub in this luxurious bath soak

Now your skin is ready for a smooth shave and moisturizer!  This razor is my favorite for a close Nick free shave.

I like to use a body oil in the winter for the extra hydrating and healing oils

Here are a few great DIY body oils I have tried from Crunchy Betty!  I recommend the lavender and sweet almond oil recipe not only is the smell intoxicating but the lavender will lull you to sleep!

I hope you join me in this ritual of “Spa Sundays” and please share some of the ways you pamper yourself!!

P.S.  Slip into your favorite PJs and enjoy a good night’s sleep!  




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