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Let’s Get Fit


Since I started the new year and wanting to change my eating habits I also got to thinking about my overall health.  After a recent visit to the Dr. And hearing my weight I realized I was going to need to lose 25 lbs

I am disabled and am limited to the exercise I can do so I am going to start back walking (which I currently walk almost everywhere) but I need to get back to walking a few miles a day consistently.

So a few of the things I am loving right now to help with my new year get fit program!!

I have highlighted some below that i am interested in.

Best Walking Shoes For: Overweight Walkers

BUY NOW $67.95

If you are walking to lose weight and have some pounds to shed, you need a well-supported shoe to help with balance and control of your foot. As an approved shoe for people with diabetes, New Balance’s WW411v2 Walking Shoe has a removable foam insole and midsole cushioning to absorb heavy impact.

One Zappos reviewer says, “My podiatrist told me I need to wear a diabetic shoe. These are great! No one will even know I had to switch from my regular New Balances, and my feet are much happier.”

Best Walking Shoes For: Bunions

BUY NOW $119.95-$131.94

The Orthofeet Coral’s roomy toe box and non-binding upper take the squeeze off swollen joints and toes, and the shoe’s soft, foam-padded interior keeps your feet super-comfy and supported. Their ergonomic design also helps ease pain at the heel, if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. “These are so comfortable, my feet feel like they are walking on clouds,” writes a pleased Amazon reviewer. “I have OA [osteoarthritis] pretty badly in my knees and I can already tell these shoes will be better for my pain and balance.”

Living in Chicago i have to worry about keeping warm at this time of the year.  Here are some great ways to do this.

You will  probably be able  to get a few of these things on sale with all the stores trying to move out the cold weather gear to make room for the Spring Gear!!  

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