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Winter Blues

So.. Christmas is over, New Years Eve has come and gone, resolutions have been made (and are being kept) and now we are full into winter. I feel like I am hybernating big time. A snow storm is supposed to be hitting the midwest this weekend (we’ll see if we get it) and I plan to be nice and cozy in my home with a good book.

I feel like we have made it through December and the first couple of weeks in January with mild weather. But, come on this is Chicago, this CANNOT last. The days have been gloomy this week for sure, and the temperatures have dropped. I feel like the winter blues might be coming on.

You can combat those winter blues by making a small space in your living area cozy, comfy and inviting. Embrace the winter months ahead, instead of dreading it. Make sure you have your favorite blanket, some movies or netflix series picked out for binging, tea/hot cocoa, maybe even some board games.

Friday nights at my house consist of pizza, my boys playing their video games (they can’t play them during the week), my husband watching some form of sports and I am usually half watching a hallmark movie, half scrolling through facebook.

My 6year old asked if we can all do a movie of his choosing tonight. Which means we will most likely be watching something on Disney Junior. I love these nights, where my boys still want to lay on the couch with their mama and cuddle. So, I am going to savor these moments as long as I can.

Let these next few months refuel your body and soul. Before you know it, summer will be here and you will be trying to get every outdoor activity scheduled and accomplished in 90 days :).

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