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Between the Holidays

The gifts have all been opened and the guests have all left.  It always seems a little sad after Christmas is over. There is still the New Year coming up but i personally like to do something relaxing on that day  

I like to take advantage of some well needed time off between the holidays when i am able.  This year it turned out that i only had to use 3 vacation days to have 11 days off in a row!  Great way to wind down the year and get ready to hit the road running come January 1st.

I am usually in bed quite early every night because I get up very early for work. During this time off i tend to push my bed time and do a lot of binge watching on tv.  Last night i watched the entire season of Jack Ryan on Amazon TV

I do not recommend this on a weekly basis but it was really nice to get in some new PJ’s and lounge for the day.  I also did a facial mask that was so relaxing and took a nice hot bubble bath with the new bath soaps i received. I love pampering myself after the holidays.  It’s a good way to get ready for the new year.

I tend to buy myself little gifts while i am shopping for others.  One of the gifts i bought myself this year is the Commit 30 Planner.

 It looks like a really good way to get motivated for the new year.  This past year has been a difficult year personally and i have put on some weight and not worked out regularly.  I have been quite a lot off my “game” and i have been looking at ways to get my life back on a healthier track.

My plan is to spend the next few days cleaning my home and figuring out a plan going into 2019.  Also, I am going to pamper myself and probably stay up too late:) I’m going to make some commitments to my work out schedule and weight loss and all over healthier happier lifestyle.

I hope your next few days of the holiday season are happy, fun, relaxing, dynamic, serene or whatever it is you are looking for.  


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