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The days are ticking away and the holidays are less than 2 weeks away. Do you have all your shopping done? I know i started out strong and then took a break so now i am sprinting to the end. Thats ok for me because i really do love the Christmas season and i do enjoy buying gifts for people. I find lot joy when i buy something that people like. I am trying to stay in a budget this year and not go overboard–which is never an easy task.
I know i mentioned in an earlier post the site Grommet.
I have found some very unique gifts that do not break the bank!
I have also found some great deals on Amazon especially on games.
Even though it is so easy to do all our shopping online i still like to do some of my shopping in brick and mortar stores. I plan to spend some time this weekend in the city at some stores and also The Christkindlmarket in downtown Chicago- a great holiday tradition.
Christmas in Chicago is such a festive time. If you you haven’t been to downtown Chicago during the Christmas holiday season i highly recommend you give it a try sometime.

There are so many awesome restaurants in Chicago, so of course me and my friends will choose a new one to check out this weekend I have lived here all my life and love that we have such a great restaurant industry here. I never get tired of trying new places. Sometimes i go expensive and fancy and other times i just love going to the local diner and getting comfort food. I know for sure no matter what type of food you like you will find it here.

I love Chicago in the summer but it is especially beautiful at this time of year so i am looking forward to spending the day among the beautiful sites this weekend.
Navy Pier

(Navy Pier, Chicago)

John Hancock 95th

(Holiday Brunch at the John Hancock 95th)

I hope you all are making plans for whatever makes you happy this weekend! Happy Thursday!

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