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Getting Ready for the Week

Today i went grocery shopping for the week ahead.  With the holiday season upon us i try to fill my house with some healthy options.  There are so many treats at work and holiday parties it is hard to keep on a healthy track at this time of year.  The plan is to do some cooking tomorrow that i can use throughout the week.

I try to bring my lunch and snacks with me to work everyday – this helps to keep me away from all the cookies in the office (at least most of the time)!!  Tomorrow’s cooking will involve some shredded chicken. I usually use this to put in my salad at lunch but sometimes i will use for tacos in the evenings. All i do is put a couple of chicken breasts into a large pot with some ranch and taco seasonings.  Then i cover the chicken with chicken broth and put the lid on. I let this cook until you can easily shred chicken with 2 forks. I love this simple way of making seasoned chicken. There are so many other versions and seasonings – sometimes i make the Mississippi chicken which is also amazing!  Figure out what seasonings you like and throw them in there!

To be able to get my lunch ready quickly in the mornings i will cut up all the vegetables i want to use for the week and also make some hard boiled eggs.  Great for breakfast or a snack throughout the day.

I usually try to make a pot of soup on Sundays for the week also.  This week i am going to make some beef stew! I found this recipe that i love!

I have picked the busiest and most sweet filled season to decide to try to lose some weight this year and this is one of the ways i am trying to stay on track.  I am not sure if i will lose weight but i am hoping by surrounding myself with good choices for food i might be a little less likely to snack on all the treats surrounding me everyday.  Maybe if i do not lose weight i can at least maintain my weight in a season that most people put on 5 to 15 pounds.

I also need to find time in this busy holiday season to get some exercise.  I have been putting reminders into my phone to tell me it is time to either get on the treadmill or go for a walk.  My Fitbit also tells me to get moving! I have always admired the people that keep their workout schedule no matter how busy they are.  Soooo i am trying to stack the decks in my favor and schedule in time to get the extra steps or cardio in for the week.

Well with the grocery shopping done and the cardio finished for the day i am going to get cozy on the couch and watch some Christmas movies.  Happy Saturday!


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