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This morning I woke up to the most beautiful snow. You know the snow I am talking about… the snow you see in commercials or in hallmark movies. Big fat snowflakes! And since it was Saturday, it was that much more beautiful. I didn’t have to get up from an alarm, and could lay in bed, drink my coffee and enjoy the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year. I think the thanksgiving/christmas season is so magical. The promise of miracles is all around.

I woke my boys up to look outside at the snow and my 6 year old said “mama i love it! can we please have hot chocolate after we make a snowman?” Ha! Wow, wait a minute, I don’t want THAT much snow.

He was so excited he ran downstairs to find the new Amazon Look Book to start making his Christmas list… I love how the holiday’s bring that excitement to everyone.

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Getting ready for the holidays is so exciting. I love decorating the house. I like to switch it up a little bit every year with a few new things, to keep the look fresh. The easiest way to do that is just add one or two new pieces, and take a couple of old pieces out of the rotation.

My favorite places to get decorations for the holidays is Pottery Barn and Michaels. Michaels always has amazing deals and right now they have 50% off all Christmas decorations. Check it out!

Pottery Barn is also having early black friday deals. This is a great week for getting deals. So make sure you check it out!! And lets get ready for a magial season ahead!!


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