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Mesmerizing Candle Light


It has been said that the effects of candles can help to sooth our soul.  That the illumination of the candle light helps to reduce stress.  I don’t know how scientific this is but I know that when I turn off all my lights and light some candles I instantly feel more relaxed.  It also makes the house look all cozy and warm.

You can achieve this through actual wax candles or just the battery operated candles that have become so popular.  Also there are so many different scents that are good for different seasons and reasons.  If you use the battery operated candles you can always use a spray to get the scent you are looking for.

Some of the scents to use if you are looking to relax are lavender, vanilla and jasmine.  There are many candles that come in different variations of these scents.   It’s nice to light a few candles and play music and take a nice bubble bath. This is a great way to relax and get ready for bed after a long stressful day.

We have the holiday season coming up and different scented candles that coincide with these holidays.  For thanksgiving there are many fun scents like pumpkin and ginger bread.  There is also apple pie and brown sugar.  For Christmas there is peppermint, cinnamon, pine and wood fire.

There are so many fun and great smelling candles out there for all reasons and seasons.  Whether it is a wax burning candle or soy candle or a battery operated it creates a very calming effect on our homes and our minds.

I love having different candles all over my house.  I have both the burning ones and the battery operated candles in my house (which are great because you don’t have to keep such a close eye on them).   You can find great candles at a bunch of different places.  I’m sure you have heard of Yankee Candles  The candles there can be a bit expensive but with the holiday season starting next week there should be pretty good sales .  You can also get great candles so many other places!  West Elm has some fancier looking soy candles that are great! are also great battery operated candles in all shapes and sizes

A few articles I have read say that gazing on a lit candle in a dark room is literally calming on the brain.  I don’t know about you but I get quite mesmerized by the flame of a candle and have found this to be so relaxing that it helps me to unwind after a long day.   Sometimes I get so relaxed I almost go into a meditative state – this also works great if you want to unwind doing some yoga at the end of the day.  Having candles lit while you do some restorative yoga poses is awesome!   With that in mind I plan to go home and light a few candles tonight to reduce my stress from the day (and maybe even do yoga).

I wish you a stress free evening with a little time to mellow out, light a few candles and relax.

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