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Fall Cleansing

I have been in a cleansing mood lately.  I have been cleaning out the house.   Instead of spring cleaning I have been doing fall cleaning.  Trying to get the house ready for the  winter and the hibernation months.

I have been concentrating a lot on a room that I have been making into a hobby type room.  This is where I do my painting (paint by numbers) and I also have it set up to do yoga.    I put a record player  in there and I am staring to slowly build up a collection of records.    Tonight I am sitting in here on the futon writing my blog and listening to Eric Church’s new album Desperate Man.


I love making this room cozy and warm.  We have dropped down into the 20’s here in Chicago and had our first snow yesterday.   So this weekend has been a good time to cuddle up under the blankets.

When I am am finished writing I am going to watch some TV under the blankets and have some warm tea with banana bread.  I will be honest I have been binge watching some Netflix this weekend.  Started watching Designated Survivor and I have gotten hooked (too bad it got canceled after 2nd season).  After I spend a relaxing night tonight I will get back to the cleansing the house tomorrow and work on my closets.

I feel the need to get the house ready and cleaned out before the holiday decorations come out.  I can’t believe we are getting ready to start the 2nd week of November!  I already have my fall decorations outside. Will only be a few more weeks before the Christmas ones replace them.  But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, I want to enjoy the last few weeks before the hectic holiday season begins.

With that said my tea is done and I am about to hunker down for the night for some Netflix binge watching.  Happy Saturday!

Tea Cup

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