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Scents for the Home

This week as I captured different images – all the beautiful colors of fall – the transition to Winter  – I feel the need to not only absorb and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible but make my home warm and inviting (cozy) as we get ready to hibernate.

Fall House

Certain scents trigger memories associated with different seasons and there are a number of ways to incorporate them into your home.

Diffusing them is probably my favorite way using essential oils and water.  You can choose to use single scents, a combination of single scents to make it your own or blended scents created by the manufacturer.  Below are 2 great options you may want to try!!

Candles, incense and “stove top scents” (potpourri) are also great ways to make your home cozy and warm!  Here are a couple of stove top recipes from HGTV blog to get you started as we prepare are minds and homes for the upcoming holidays!!



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