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Thinking about the Weekend

Well it is hump day so we are at least half way through the week and I am already thinking about the weekend.  We have a girl’s night coming up this weekend and I am thinking about what fun drinks I can make.  I came across this great fall Moscow mule recipe (and we all love Moscow mules) I am going to give a try.

Friday nights when all the girls can get together and leave a little bit of stress behind is always a good time.  We can all kick back, eat a little unhealthy, have a few drinks and just be ourselves.  I always look forward to these nights.

Sometimes we add in some crafts or a book club theme.  Sometimes we just get together and hang out.  This weekend we are going to decorate some wine bottles for the fall season (might even do this again for Christmas depending how they all turn out.  I have seen some really fun, cute Ideas for decorating wine bottles and can’t wait to give some of them a try.

In years past we have decorated pumpkins and here are some pictures of how they turned out.


Especially during the colder darker months it is fun to try some new things indoors to pass some time and make the long cold days a little shorter.  Getting together with friends is always a good way to do that and you might end up making some nice decorations for the season!

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