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Today has been a long and tiring day. And as the picture states we can’t pour from an empty cup.  We have to take care of ourselves.  So, whenever I have one of these days I like to end it with some self-care so that I can hopefully put it all behind me and finish the day relaxed and have a good night sleep.

Tonight I start with a long walk.  The weather is nice enough in Chicago that I can still do this outside. On days when the weather isn’t so good I jump on the treadmill.  This helps to get out any anxiety or stress that I have.  But tonight as I take my walk outside I pay attention to all the vibrant fall colors and how beautiful all the streets here look.  Everyone has their houses so beautifully decorated for fall and Halloween.  It’s so calming to walk along these tree lined streets with my dog (Harry).  I take it all in and take deep calming breaths as we walk.

After my walk when I am getting ready to wind down and go to sleep, I take a warm towel and wrap around my neck. They also have warm neck wraps you can buy and heat up in microwave.  Here is an example of one

While sitting with the neck wrap on I have a cup of tea.  Because it is night I will drink a decaffeinated tea.  Tonight I am picking just a plain Lipton Decaffeinated green tea.

And lastly before I get into bed I will do the yoga pose legs up the wall.

That is an article that gives you the benefits of this amazing pose.

I know for many people these are too many steps to do on a busy weeknight.  When you are having a long stressful day and can’t fit in all of these pick one!  Or pick something else that calms you.  There are so many free 5 minute meditations on YouTube.  In this crazy, hectic world we live in we need to find some time to bring a little peace into our minds and bodies.

Now that I have finished all of these wonderful calming things I bid you a good night!  I hope for a restful sleep for all.


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